Various "No Pepsi After All These Years" (A Tribute To Suicidal Tendencies first album)

April 18, 2021

It was a few years ago, as already mentioned on my instagram. We (me and a bunch of guys from Suicidal Tendencies Fan Page on VK.COM social) made a compilation of the songs that covers Suicidal Tendencies first album, released back in 1983. It was for fun of course, but I like this tribute. The main problem with all tribute albums consisted of the tracks recorded specially for the compilation are kinda out of the way and tensed. But when the bands doin' stuff by their own fun with a special pride it make sense. 

So, this is the tribute. Artwork by yours truly. I took Mike Muir's portrait by Sven Gjurček (D-Fens) and added my own art with a couple of graffiti fonts.

Full Compilation