The Quaalords 2021 "Red Hot Revenge"

April 19, 2021

If you have read at least one Anne Rice gothic novel, you would definately like this album. Because it reflects some kind of vampire visions of New Orleans' dark side. Yes, the instrumental trio is from New Orleans. They present themselves as "influenced by hard rock with a suspense of 80s horror movies". But if vampire music could exist, it supposed to sound exactly like this: all different historical timeline sounds including classical violins, hard guitar riffs, blues harmonies, surf, noir, electronic, even jazzy swingings, all mixed up in a head of a person living immortal life at least for 100 years.

In fact, forget this vampire gothic stuff. It's just melancholic to the bone and resonates all this spleeny springtime moods. So, c'mon, let's get some meditation with this beautiful tunes of Nosferotica and Doin' it til the Nukes Hit