The Dirty Folkers 2019 "Acoustic Rehearsals"

May 1, 2021

Ahh! There must be a lot of phrases about how old-school people does not want to admire what Beki Bondage and Vice Squad doing nowadays. About how they go like: It's not punkrock anymore. And I'm like: Grow up people and have fun! I'll skip this reasoning and take my own advice. Let's do not take it serious and just have fun!

Historically all this popular music (Vox populi - vox Deus!) came from the pub and the main designation is to have fun while drinking, dancing and singing along. So come on! These are some acoustic rehearsals of Vice Squad as The Dirty Folkers I found recently and if I would listen to this while sitting in the pub, it could be the best pub night of my life.

To be honest, I'm cunning. Because I'm sure Beki is not usual pretty wet-dream girl, but the Sent Down Angel. I don't know what for, I know just all what she doing is important.

Don't take it serious too, rather push the Play button and listen to the Ace Of Spades!