Pelomono 2020 "Gibraltar"

April 21, 2021

This album is dedicated to Gibraltar, its people and apes, as a band mentioned in album description. Pelomono is instrumental dark-surf duo from Granada, Spain. Nobody knows exactly who are they, hiding behind mask, but it's OK. Some sources say they are people from another great Spanish band Guadelupe Plata. But Pelomono - absolutely self-sufficient project, maybe having a bit reference or similarity with a couple of Pyrenean bands, but it's OK too: the more of this kind of music - the better. 

Early Tarantino movies killed soundtrack idea to the final death. Because there's nothing more to do with movie soundtrack. The next level might be to do the movietrack to the sound. Not music video for a single song, but a full plot movie for the whole album. What would it be, "Gibraltar" movie? Let's say, there is a "El Monos Locos" gang of robbers in Gibraltar town, five guys wearing apes masks, bloody robbing banks in a two minutes. And young cop infiltrates suspicious local surf gang to prove surfers are "El Monos Locos". Cool? 

Wait. It's "Point Break" plot, isn't it? Dammit! It all was invented before.