Option Weg 2020 "Mehr Bullen mehr Bomben"

April 30, 2021

Thinking a lot leads you to depression. Irony and sarcasm is the only way to take this world. Because when you start to name things by they real names you start sound unprintable, unquotable and unmentionable: SHT and FCK all the way. And this is the usual punk rock thing: WROOM! WROOM! SHT, SHT! FCK! FCK! You tried to explain complicated things like love, life and everything, but all that goes outside and people hear is FCK. And they can't take you serious because they can't.

OK, let's go another way like Option Weg does. Let's tell some stories in a parable way: life sketches to explain all that things in examples and make them clear. To make you think a lot or maybe dance a little. Or maybe both. These songs are in German and Polish, but lyrics are included, so you can use translator to catch the meanings while dancing. Dancing to this music is important. Trust me.