Karma to Burn 2013 "Karma to Burn"

April 30, 2021

Sad news. 29.04.2021, as mentioned on internet, William Mecum, Karma To Burn leader and axeman, passed away. Sad, but this is it. Just a reason to remember some episodes and listen to great music he did. Personally I remember one episode, it was circa '05-07. Stonerrock thing is completely self-promoted thing: bands are playing just because people like it. And people searching for the music by themselves because it's great groovy fuzzy stuff. Not because of radio, TV or label ads.

Stoner became famous due to the internet. So, I took part with a bunch of guys in stonerrock.ru. Formerly it was forum with 20 users, where we were discussing music, ripping CD's, uploading, downloading, sharing and all that. All that forum thing, you know. And one day one guy uploaded Karma To Burn "Almost Heathen" (or another album, I can't quite remember) for comments.

And another guy logs in comments: Hi, I'm Will from Karma To Burn! Thank you, guys! We were like: Ooops! For what? Will: Thanks for promoting our stuff. I didn't knew we are even known in Russia. That's an honor. You can't imagine how proud we were.

Strange thing. Sometimes when you're doing stupid silly things like writing shoit on the internet is valuable and matters.