Kabbalah 2021 "The Omen"

May 1, 2021

The main feature of traditional doom as a genre supposed to be puritan pathetic. And this thing supposed to be masculine thing: Witchfinder General themes, Torquemada veritas inquisitors and blah-blah-blah. Nope. Just listen to this! Kabbalah is three dames from Pamplona, Spain, a town in Navarre, that has deep history right from Roman Empire and raw Middle Ages. And all the history and yes, all this ancient pathetic reflecting in their songs.

The second traditional doom feature is psychoactivity. It's psychedelic. Just choose The Night Comes Near, turn the volume up, lean back, close your eyes and what do you see? Dissolving melting dark matter, cold Pamplona stones and a few stars? We've caught the same vibe, pal.

Much love for girls. They're doing great.