Garotos Podres 1997 "Com a Corda Toda"

April 21, 2021

If Mongolian hip hop exists and sounds like hardass oldschool, so why shouldn't be an "Oi!" in Brazil? Sounds kinda strange, 'cause Oi! is British thing a-priory. But... Brazil is the land of football (Forget carnivals! Trust me, it's a shamest communication!), and all these million football fans are working class, they're usually goin' to the pubs, drinking beer and all that. And this is "Oi!" thing. And this is the great "Oi!" band from Brazil thanks to my Facebook friends.

Garotos Podres means "Rotten Boys" in Portugese, they've started in 80's and it was not easy part of world history, and in Brazil in particular. 8 albums since 1985, you could take any of them, all are brilliant. I chose "Com a Cordo Toda" ("All Roped Up?", not 100% sure) for the bloggy for two reasons: It was the first album I've heard and it has a song named "Boris Yeltsin", dedicated to the First President of Russian Federation Historical Drunken Dance, and, yes, I was laughing so hard my sandwich fell down and my hot coffee spilled down my balls.

Go for it.