Brant Bjork 2020 "Brant Bjork"

April 30, 2021

Brant Bjork is known for he's a former drummer of Kyuss legend. But I think he wrote his own legend after Kyuss ended. A million awesome tunes he wrote in Che, Vista Chino, Fatso Jetson, Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator and as Brant Bjork himself. And now he is Palm Desert scene. Or maybe King of Palm Desert scene. And this is 15th solo album since 1999.

Strange thing. When you watching Brant Bjork and his band live, the main question is: How Brant remembers all this million awesome tunes and riffs he wrote? Amazing. If you ask me, I gave my personal Album Of The 2020 Year award to this awesome record. No words anymore. Just listen to this: Jesus Was A Bluesman - my favourite track.