Bongzilla 2021 "Weedsconsin"

April 20, 2021

The shortest review I ever read was in just two words: "New Album". I knew author as a big fan of a review subject and I was sure his expectations and impressions could be more expanded. But "New album", this is it, kinda "no more words, come on over here and listen". So, I'll go the same way: It's a Bongonaut's New Album, you want it or not. They've been sixteen years off the radars and no one expected, but they did the new record.

What's inside? It's the same old Bongzilla, the same old 420 theme: "Riff, smoke, fuzz, groove and stuff", but something's changed for 16 years since "Amerijuanican". Don't know what exacly. Maybe kind of thinking, more planetary or even interplanetary. Space Rock theme or Earth Bong: so much music in there. Guys now are definately got more higher in space to see things bigger and it's progressive AF, kinda their "weed side of the Moon", if comparsion with Pink Floyd is relevant in their case. And this is literally new and unexpected.

Smoke it and you're gonna like it. Before Bongonauts gonna smoke you.