Black Mastiff 2012 "Pyramids"

April 23, 2021

What would you answer if somebody ask you what kind of music you like? That awkward moment. Long pause. Then you mumble like: "This is the long story, pal. Not sure you're interested in". And it's true because all of this music is yours close and personal and this is your whole life with original soundtrack included. You got to explain what your life is to let them know what kind of music you like. Moreover, as time goes by, the music you like changes too. And this is same long story. But I got some. I mean, "fav band", "best album" and everything.

A bit weird, but most of my favourites are from Canada. For example, my one and beloved Black Mastiff's "Pyramids". Honestly. It lifts me up every time when I'm down. And gets me higher when I'm up. Truly miraculous. No joke. 

Many times I've been tryin' to explain this miraculous properties. No idea. From objective point of view we've got usual stoner rock stuff: a bit groovy, a bit fuzzy, melodic and atmospheric, psychedelic and all that. OK, ex-Kyuss singer John Garcia did cover on "Rolling Stone". Big thing because I like Kyuss. And this is it. Nothing more. There's something more in this music and this something is reflecting deep inside my moron person to make it shine.