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Hi. Music was and is a big thing in my life. I can't quite remember when It started, somewhen in a times when I was a kid. Maybe some Beatles thing or something opened it up. I don't know. I even have learned English by myself just listening to the music, reading LP and CD inlays and tons of muscian's interviews in the magazines. Jazz, blues, powerpops, chansons, rock'n'roll, punkrock, new wave. A genre doesn't matter. Now I'm 50+ and the music is all around. Every day and almost every hour. Sometimes it's just playing my head. Sometimes two more tunes at once.

«Music stuck in your head means you stuck in a music»


Because I'm listening to all that stuff. And want to share it with other people. I'm an ordinary human being with ordinary needs. Need to share is obvious human being need. That's why I've started this thing.

Then what?

I don't know. Maybe you would share it too, because it's good music good people made for other people's listening. It's not a mainstream, noname mostly or local scene music.

Anyway sharing this would make the world better, I think. I don't have any author or copyrights, so I embed streaming players from and other legal sources. It could support an artists mentioned in my bloggy. So, play it now and share it.

«Enjoy your reading and listening»